It’s easy to launch your Shopify Store. But getting sales is a whole different ball game.

Want to have a successful Shopify store that makes money day and night? You need the right processes to help you optimize your store for maximum conversions -- without slowing down the loading speed of your store!!

95% of Shopify store owners use dozens of apps to increase conversions and A.OV. But the more apps you install, the more time it takes for your website to load properly.

You don’t have to worry about your loading speed anymore. Fodane is all you need to successfully transform your Shopify store into a well-oiled money making machine.Fodane is the one smart app that works ultra-fast to provide you with more than 35+ Shopify app features.

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If you want to make sales, you need to have speed. That's what Fodane will give you. Wish an A-Grade from GTmetrix, you can be sure of maximum load speeds--even with 30 apps enabled. No other solution, app or theme can load 30+ apps this fast.

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Fodane has all you need to succeed!!!


Increase Average Order Value

Do you have similar products that you know your customers would love? It’s time to showcase them and inspire buyers to check out more than 1 item.Fodane helps you increase average order value through upsell and cross-sells offers.

Important Features:

  • Post-Purchase Upsell
  • Volume & Quantity Discount
  • Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell
  • Frequently Bought Together
Social proof

Use Social Proof for Great First Impression

The saying, “what people trust, others trust,” is very true in e-commerce. When people come to your store, they need to see reviews of other people who have happily bought from you and are extremely proud of their purchase.

Important Features:

  • Product Reviews
  • Recent Sales Notifications (Sales Pop)
  • Trust Badges
  • Payment Logos
Turn visitors

Convert More Visitors into Loyal Buyers

Visitors only have a few seconds to make up their minds to BUY NOW! Get them to view, add to card, and check out as quickly as possible.

Important Features:

  • Sticky Add to Cart
  • Countdown Timers
  • Stock Urgency
  • Cart Reserved Timer
  • Slide Cart Drawer
  • Product Recommendations
User experience

Improve user experience

Make it easy for customers to find your products, access informational details, add to cart, and quickly check out. Your check out process should be smooth, clear, and direct.

Important Features:

  • Size Chart & Guide
  • WhatsApp Chat
  • Product Description Tabs
  • Announcement Bars
Visitor emails

Collect visitors’ emails

Stay in touch with your audience through email campaigns. The best customers are those who return to buy from you over and over again.

Important Features:

  • Email Capture Popup
  • Email Capture Bar
Protect store

Protect your store

Secure your business from those who wish to steal your content, ideas, and information. You worked hard to launch your business. Don’t give spammers easy access to your site.

Important Features:

  • Anti-theft Content Protection
  • Cookie Bar
  • Agree to Terms Checkbox
  • Seo Image ALT Tags

Customization Made Easy with Live preview editor

Want to make a change to your website but afraid of how it will turn out? Our live preview editor lets you see any customization you make in real time.

See what Shopify merchants say about Fodane


I've started using this app a few days ago and all I can say is just WOW! Not only this app has so much more features than VITALS but it actually feels really native to Shopify. It almost feels that you haven't left Shopify which is great. I also love the fact that you can save yourself so much trouble of installing so many apps for other features when you can just install ONE app and its the Fodane app! Not to mention that their support is on point. They even made me some personal customizations to certain fetaures because yeah, thats how nice they are. I actually left VITALS to come here because of the price point as well. Keep up the good work guys! 5 stars!!!...


Just installed the app. Many features. All valuable and the support very very fast and friendly. They fixed all my issues. It looks like this app does the job!!


amazing support , my favorite app by far!!! the entire customer support team is very friendly and very fast to fix problems!'


L'application est juste essentielle pour une boutique de vente telle que la nôtre. Elle réunit tous les outils pour booster les ventes. L'équipe a été d'un grand soutient pour la configuration, nous les remercions.


I just installed this app and I am already in love. i love how fast and reachable support is and the ability to have all my favorite apps under one umbrella'


With our shop online for over 1 year, we worked with VITALS, and they were buggy, slow development of new features and although great support and a nice team, simply not worth the money. So we changed to Fodane. Davis has made the switch simply amazingly simple, basically changing all the features we had developed in VITALS into FODANE including all front end customisations , a thank you would be an understatement, because he has been so helpful in everything. We have been using the app now for a couple weeks and works very well so far. I do feel that they are working hard and fast and I very much look forward for Fodane to be not equal and less expensive, but better and less expensive than VITALS - hopefully Fodane is able to get translation going as its a must for our store. Overall a BIG 5 star for everything so far and highly recommendable - great value for money. Thank you and keep up the amazing work.